Monday, January 16, 2006

Line exercises: C&C

I finally found time this weekend to work on the Color and Composition exercises again. But, I'll admit my heart or my mind wasn't really in it. I almost felt like I was just doing it to get it done. So I'm backing up this week and starting back on chapter one again.

Compositions: Straight line pieces.

LIne exercises--straight lines. Ok.. so I got distracted and did 2 compositions with the straight lines parallel to the edges, so my "no lines parallel" had to be done with scraps of th curved pieces. Parallel lines: horizontal composition; Not parellel lines: radiating.

Composition: curved lines.

Curved design (on the right), asymetrical. (or is it?? Is it vertical??). Design on the left?? My leftover composition... Framed.

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