Friday, January 06, 2006

Dogs throughout the town are mourning...

We took the dogs for a walk along a local creek this morning. The dogs and I had been there early this week, but I could not convey the amount of flooding in any adequate way to Steve. So I made him look for himself.

Pinole Creek has scoured itself out a nice deep channel, where it normally runs along. The entire channel is about 30' wide... 10' of gently sloping banks on each side and 8' deep 10' wide main channel in the middle. Lots of room for water to run. During last week's flooding the creek over-ran it's banks, over ran the walking paths and threatened to over-run people's back yards. It DID flood a row of vehicles stored at a facility.. but they haven't moved in ages. Now the owners will be able to claim water damage for them and replace the old stored boats/rvs/cars with newer stored boats/rvs/cars.

Anyway, we were walking along the now dry paths, looking at all the flotsam deposit in easy reach for us. I could have an entire collection of small liquor bottles.. some pretty drift wood... and for some reason lots of lightbulbs. However, we decided to concentrate on real important stuff: dog toys!!

Found one intact squeak toy.. and picked up 18 tennis balls, 3 plastic balls and a softball before my pockets refused to hold another chunk of rubber! Jake and Steve wanted to go look for more, but as I was packmule, I put my foot down and protested. They will go back later this weekend for more bounty.

I saw, bring your own pockets.

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