Monday, January 23, 2006

Three column help needed

Ok, I'm trying to do a very simple thing. (I would think).

Instead of the main body and one sidebar on this blog, I want 2 sidebars. One on the left to hold my blogrolls and the one on the right just the way it is. ok, maybe it would have to be skinnier..but just a little. And there really doesn't have to be that much space between the two..

I have found a number of skins for blogs (including one that looks just like this template)... you would think that it would be simple to make the change. I put it in the template.. and the colors all changed and things didn't look right anymore.

But everytime I try to do it, everything gets moved around, text overlaps, sidebars slip to the bottom of the page.


Now, No Gerrie, I do not wish to simply move to Typepad. Eventually I think I'll move up, and when I do it will be to something with more a "webhosting' feel to it. But not now. And I'm comfortable with making a number of changes to this blog now. I know where to look and what to do even though I don't know HTML programming.

So is there anyone out there that will walk me through changing my template to show a 2 column without driving me insane?

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