Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy, Happy!! Joy, Joy Photos!!

Can you believe that it would take 3 days of shopping to find something as simple and basic as this?? Look at the nicely finished "weskit" kinda hem. And the pretty capelet. Only down side? It's polyester. But it's pretty and a great basic.

From Chico's outlet: a linen blouse with rayon embroidery. Stacy and Clinton would say it's too boxy.. and at it's regular price of $100+, I wouldn't have looked at it twice. But it's a good basic. My "personal Clinton" found it.

This is so much prettier in person!! It's silk, reminds me of a dupioni, with rayon embroidery of Chinese symbols and such on it.

Three days to find 3 basic shirts!! I think Steve now understands why I live in $5 sale t-shirts from Target... one color for each day of the week.

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