Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Monday, Steve finally went back to work!! One thing I'd been planning on playing with was batiking with some soy wax. I'd picked up the soy was chips at Michael's a few weeks ago.. and I had a couple pieces of hand dyed fabric that didn't thrill me. I soaked the fabric yesterday in a soda ash solution just to be prepared.

So I put some chips in a microwave-proof bowl, melted it and started playing. I used an oval potato masher (much like Rayna apparently used in this piece), and some plastic from something that's a nice grid. I stamped and brushed and had a great time.

When the wax cooled, I painted over it all using Dharma liquid pigment dye. No muss, no fuss, no time. Hung it out to dry while I walked the dogs. Then removed the wax. First ironed most of it out into newspaper, then soaked it in a pot of hot water, then washed it with some Dawn dish liquid. It's really pretty!! (pictures to come.)

Today I'm starting a watercolor class. Dont' know what I expect to come from it, but I wanted to take it. Just wish we had a supply list before the first class. It seems like being cheated out of a class if we spend one whole class just talking about supplies!! Then going to buy them.

Home to walk the dogs, take pictures of my little experiments with soy wax, and get get set up to continue with the Color and Composition exercises.

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