Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday was sunny and dry.

Not warm... but it's January!! I won't complain about sunny and 53.
So I headed outside to take advantage of this weather. First I mowed the lawn. That took about 10 minutes, as it's small.

I weeded this part of the shrub border.

I checked the progress of the lemons on my tree...

They're huge.. but the rind is thick. And they are almost ready to pick.

The one orange tree is much more prolific. Either because this location protects it from the wind, or because this location protects it from Steve's pruners. Probably both.

This red decorative grass needs to be cut back. Tomorrow is it's still dry.

Now, incase you don't understand what it means to own a border collie. This picture shows 4 the basketballs he plays with in the back yard.

While Jake (said border collie) hangs out with another one on the deck.

And Katy just hangs out.

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