Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blame RSR

This by way of Deb at RSR:

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet chihuahua

2) Eat less garlic

3) Travel to Brazil

4) Study abnormal psychology

5) Get in shape with surfing
What Should Your New Year's Resoluton Be?

I like this, it's silly almost doable and has absolutely no relationship with real life.
OK, the next dog we get I would like to be a little smaller than our current dogs. But more like 35#... not an 8# wonder. (OH, did you hear the news story of the police officer who was attacked by a pack of chihuahuas?? Really!! They couldn't bite anything but his ankles, but he still needed to visit the ER. ) And who remembers WKRP in Cincinnati when Les Nesman called them chi hoo ah hoo ahs???

Looking at others "resolutions" the formula seems really simple. The five verbs do not seem to change... everyone (I think) is travelling to South America... the endings are purely random. Cute but not significant...

And me surfing??? Yeah, it might get me down by Grace more... but can you surf if you can't swim???

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