Saturday, December 31, 2005

We are OK

There has been a lot of rain around here over the last 36 hours. The region is making the national news, but right here we are OK. I live near the top of a large hill on very stable soil, so flooding and mudslides are not a problem.

My rain gauge is overflowing, so I've gotten more than 6" of rain since yesterday morning. The wind woke up my throughout the night and forced me out of bed about 6:30. It was pushing our plastic patio dining table down the stairs from the deck to the backyard. The table is toast. Wind was fairly steady at about 40 MPH, and gusted to over 60. But so far that appears to be all the damage. (knocks wood).

addendum: i remember my analogy for those of you back east and up north. This storm was like a warm blizzard.

There was just a notice on the tv to evacuate Sonoma Co. That was the text message... the voice message limited it to people along the Russian River. That's good, evacuating an entire county before sunset with regional flooding could be a pain. And they are showing I-80 near Travis AFB flooded.

At the moment the sun just poked out his bright and happy face. So I think I'll leash up the pups and get them out for a stretch. We'll just walk down the hill a bit and then back up... not down near the flatlands and potential flooding there.

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