Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The best part of a good dinner...

The best part of a good dinner is eating the leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day.

Rayna shared her fabulous recipe for latke's the other day. She reminded me that I normally make these a couple times during the winter. Something about dark stormy nights and potato pancakes go together, though I can't say what.

With her reminder, I armed myself with the proper ingredients while shopping yesterday, and made a nice batch of latke's last night. Served with both sourcream and applesauce. There is something about the tartness of the sourcream (low fat... but I wish I could a tasty non=dairy substitute).. and the sweetness of the applesauce. I'm moderately allergic to cow's milk; can only have a serving or so every few weeks without developing allergic bronchitis. So this and a slice of pumpkin pie are my total allotment of the substance for the next 6 weeks. But it was worth it.

We had ours with a couple rashers of bacon on the side and nice hot cups of coffee. Even the dogs got lucky!!

This morning I grabbed 2 of the leftover latke for breakfast. Nuked them in the microwave (not as good as re-frying but faster) and smothered them with applesauce. Had some smoked salmon on the side today.

I am a happy piggy.

The rest of the latkes are frozen and awaiting the next corned beef cooking. Will forgo full Reuben treatment, and instead offer a cornbeef and latke sandwich.. swiss available for those lucky souls who are not allergic to cow's milk.

Reservations recommended.

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