Thursday, December 08, 2005

Damn!!! I had a major thought today!!

While eating lunch today, I saw a picture that I really liked. It was a simple photograph... a hillside with trees in silloutte then reflected in a lake. The top and bottom halfs mirroring each other. You know the kind of photo; we've seen lots of them.

I grabbed my sketchpad and starting drawing it up. Made up some loosey-goosey treeforms that I really liked. Then I stopped.

I asked myself questions, along the lines of:

1. does this drawing let me use some of elements I'm starting to identify as my personal style?

2. does making this photo into fabric improve the image any?

3. would making this piece help me achieve any of my goals for next year?

All my answers were NO.

At which point I stopped the sketching and wrote a note to remember those loosey-goosey treeforms that I really liked but forget everything else. Distracting myself is way too easy but doesn't really help me out.

And if any Santa needs any hints... SERENITY comes out in DVD 12/12/05.

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