Thursday, December 29, 2005

Twyla's Book and my work

I'm reading through Twyla's book about a chapter a day... reading the exercises and thinking about them, but not actively working on them. I'm reading a chapter a day in 2 sessions, trying to soak up the essence the piece. I will go back and work harder at some of this in the future.

I hope to finish the book this weekend, because I want Steve to read it. At first glance, one might think that physical/analytical chemist would have little in common with a dancer, but he is always saying that research is "solving puzzles" which is fairly creative in my book. I think he will find he shares work habits with Twyla, and may use this book as his "How to Work" reference manual for the summer kids he mentors each year. It really is an excellent "how to" guide.

Being an INTP, I really do live most of my life "in my head".. and this gives me something worthwhile to "live" during the day. I might be physically pushing a cart down the grocery store aisle, but mentally I'm chewing on what I read this morning.

Yesterday I started painting up my piece for the "Changing Perspectives/Changing Perceptions" challenge. I've had the fabric ready to go since before Tahoe; don't know why I have been avoiding this step. I can't be fear of messing it up: I can always make another. Infact, I will probably make a couple of these pieces; I like the concept. Even had a couple ideas for changing the process already.

Today I add more color, and I should finish this step by tomorrow. Then all the fun stitching comes in.

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