Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ok, so I survived my doctor's appointment and don't need to suffer this indignity for another couple years. Oh yeah, and we did the 6-month bloodtest, too. They'll mail me the results, but I expect no surprises. (though I bet he forgot to include the thyroid test).

Also talked to him about a couple small problems with no happy resolution. Tinnitus has to be lived with. (Phooey!!) and the keratosis he removed last spring because it itched has developed a keloid(?? a super scar) that STILL ITCHES. And sadly, he can treat the "super scar" but makes no promises about fixing the itching.

I'm sorry... I only had him remove the growth to eliminate the itching!! It itches because my bra band & strap rub against the spot and irritates it. Atleast he sympathized enough to admit that there really wasn't a bra designed that could avoid this spot.

Grrr. Someone pass me some goat or sheep cheese to go this whine.

So I left the office, stopped at the Waffle House for some caffiene and breakfast, then tried to do some wardrobe improvement. No success there either.

Came home tired and cold.. and completely unenergized. So I got very little accomplished. Finally admitted defeat and sat reading all afternoon. Called in a pickup order to my favorite restaurant and ate red curry veggies with prawns until I was stuffed.

Late in the evening I watched the first two hours of PROJECT RUNWAY. Totally knew who would be cut first...and I have my idea who will be the favorites and who will not last long.

Santino will be a fave...
Lupe will be gone soon...
Emmett will last a while but not to the end.
Rodrego?? midway.
daneill F... will last a while this time if he can manage his time.
Andrea ..needs to get his emotions in check or he'll be home too soon.
Daniel V... has vision
marla gone early...
chloe... gone early...
nick possible staying power.
kara (what another kara???) not very sure.
kirsten... is out.
diane eng... probably not going to last long.
zulema (probably spelled wrong)... won't last long.. or will be this year's Wendy Pepper.

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