Thursday, December 15, 2005

Living in my Car...

Today, Friday and Saturday, I'm going to feel like I'm living in my car.

This morning I headed down to IKEA thinking I could pick up what I needed there quickly. I really should know better. Two hours (and three bags) later I made my way out and up to Berkeley to pick up a repaired lamp shade. This is a small leaded glass shade from a lamp my maternal grandmother purchased when she married. They matched the glass perfectly!!

Home at 12:30 to grab a quick lunch, then back in the car to take the dog's to the park for a walk. I'm finally home at 3 pm. with nothing to show for it in the house or studio.

Well, there's still some time today.

Tomorrow Steve is off work. We are heading over to Lafayette to an gallery show on the Art of Science and Math. Then lunch at a BBQ place. There is a longish scenic drive home there... Another day in the car.

Saturday we're heading up a Xmas party about 20 minutes north of here.

Sunday, I'm staying home.

It struck me today that I haven't posted a picture of the poops for several months. So after the walk, I dragged out thier hated xmas collars and tried to take pictures of them. You can tell how much they don't like posing with these.

Katy is trying to play it cool... but really, those wings are totally out of proportion to her body. What are the designers THINKING putting wings that small on their extra large collars?

Jake just wants to hide. Yes, he's a very handsome dog... and the plaid collar and big bow should make him seem quite festive. Can you imagine what other dogs at the dog park would say if they ever heard about this???

His name would be Mudball (which, remarkably would match his appearance AFTER a trip to dog park).

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