Friday, December 16, 2005

My poor, poor friends at TypePad

have had the last 10 days of their marvelous posts disappear into the ether!! Here's hoping that you all recover. We here at blogger know the frustrations of bad, evil broken blogging software... and we feel your pain.

To share said pain with the world...

Grace Davis (she of Dr. Laura's Greatest Nightmare) was posting torturous holiday photos. She began with the constipated Christ child (that is the last living link on her site), then she continued with a wreath abomination from Thomas Kincaide (known among the art quilters as HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED.)

Since she's lost said morsel, I'm including it here... and to extend the pain.. I've added his Christmas Tree AND his Nativity scene. After viewing these items, I needed to wash my eyes out with holy water and sit in a dark room with an icepack over my eyes until the burning stopped. You have been warned!!

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