Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Whatevers...

Saturday my friend Linda came over for a short visit. She showed her "tell" and showed my mine, including Katie P-M's new book. I think was fascinated her most were the quilts in the back part where artists showed an original quilt that they felt failed... and the next piece (or same piece reworked) where they improved it. It's always nice to see the process of others.

I've been strolling through my stash trying to gather the supplies for working on the book exercises. I really don't have full ranges of colors (from lightest to darkest)... so I need to decide if I'm going to paint, dye or purchase some pieces so I can work through this book a bit. Our first week is doing the drawing exercises... so I have time.

Interested in joining us? (Teri and Karoda are working this, too). Then this week do a 25 minute blind contour drawing of a still life arrangement (3 different fruit). Then do a semi-blind contour drawing and draw it while look at it.

The first step ALWAYS gives me a head ache. I know it's just exercising different brain "muscles" so I don't complain anymore (simply observe the fact that it's still true). Still, I'd be happier if I could do better with the real drawing. Hopefully I better with practice... I'm signing up for a drawing class this winter.

And I took Dammit down. He was a good pup, but he was slowing up loading the page... and if people won't wait, they can't read.

And because Gabrielle started this:

The Mystery
You reflect the mystery of the spirit. A soul is a
very mysterious thing and you have proven this
to us. This mysterious quality probably means
that you know more about your spirit than most
people know about their own, and you keep this
a well kept secret, for there are just some
things that mustn't be known.
Reflections of the Spirit?
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