Monday, December 19, 2005

I mentioned that I got a lampshade fixed...

It's a small desk/table lamp... a cast brass base with a texturized simple leaded glass shade.

Isn't this pretty?

We shipped this from Cleveland when we closed my parents house several years ago. Two opposite panels of the shade cracked on thier way here.

I spent a lot of time trying to find someone who could fix it. One day we were walking around this kinda shi-shi shopping area in Berkeley (4th street), and found a nice stained glass store where they assured me they could fix it. When we took the shade in last month, they couldn't find any textured glass, and I thought the repair would be OK but kind of second rate.

Dennis, the repair guy, found glass that matches the pieces in this shade perfectly. (they were in his "stash" at home). So now I pretty "like new" lamp.

Oh, and the glass piece next to is from the studio of David Lindsay. He's a local glass blower... and I LOVE his work.
His studio and store are in Benicia, Ca., Check out his undersea adventure egg. Like most small glass blowing studios, he also has a standard collection of glass ball ornaments, or witch's balls. (you hang a ball in a window and it catches any evil spirits that might to enter the house through the window.) I own several of these which usually gets me exclaiming that I Love David's balls!!!

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