Thursday, December 01, 2005

Getting ready for a creative adventure

Yesterday I received my copy of Katie Pasquini Masopust's new book:

COLOR AND COMPOSITION for the Creative Artist.

In the preface they suggest that I get organized to work: make sure my fabrics are sorted by color (I'm going to have to dye fabric for some of these exercises; I don't have full range of colors in anything anymore), my scissors and rotary cutters are sharp. That I gather a sketchbook and pencils. So those are my goals for today. I'll begin working with the first real exercise: blind contour drawings. These always give me a headache as I try to push myself further into a right brain place. (so ofcourse I'm avoiding it by blogging about it.) Probably for the next week all I will be doing is the drawing exercises, though the second part ("drawing with scissors") may happen later in the week.

for teri and karoda and anyone else interested... I'm planning on working completely through this (pending dyeing the color runs... or finding them in scraps/fat quarters somewhere). So I say YES, let us all work on this together and post the results on our blogs. Today's Friday... organize a bit this weekend, and start the blind contour drawings starting next week?)

There is a French technician visiting Steve's group this week and I joined the 2 of the them for dinner tonight. Not to make you all jealous, but imagine a blend of Antonio Banderas and Russel Crowe with a French accent!! Woo- Hoo. Studying Spanish and German in school was such a mistake!!

To entertain you while I'm "working", here is The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator.
I entered my phone number is phases, and received the following useful critique (now to make a piece that fits this!):

Although I am not a painter, I think that the sublime beauty of the biomorphic forms notates the exploration of montage elements. As an advocate of the Big Mac Aesthetic, I feel that the reductive quality of the sexual signifier endangers the devious simplicity of the accessibility of the work.

And I leave you with one thought:
Cotigo, ergo Blog.

(I think, therefore I Blog.)

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