Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Working on Katie P-M's exercises...

Tuesday I started working on my blind contour drawings. (I've tried once, but finished it too quickly, and never got that headache-y feeling... so I'll do it again later.)

But I thought I'd share the composition I'll be working from. Well, maybe I'll switch a whole pom for the sliced one... the seeds are great to look at, but might be asking a bit much. Oh, just turn it around!! That may work. Well, maybe I should rearrange the whole thing.


It was cold Monday night and Tuesday night(below freezing.. which seldom happens here in the Bay area), but the sun was shining brightly Tuesday,as you can see from the shadows thrown.

Tuesday afternoon I went to see GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. You must go see this movie. And it really is impressive on the big screen. However, perhaps more important than seeing it yourself (with a couple exceptions...), TAKE A TEEN OR TWEEN to see it. Take them scratching and fighting if you have to. This is a movie that people who don't remember it should see... the parallels from this to the current day are hard to ignore. I see a couple Academy nominations here...

This morning I go in for a doctor's visit; no coffee until after the "event". (I'd tell you more but it's "too much information.") Everything will be fine... but stay outta my way till I get fully caffinated.

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