Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is gonna hurt me more..

than it hurts any of you... but I'm going to do. (note: I started to write "I'm going to try and do it".. and realized that already I was giving myself permission to fail". Rewrite in a positive voice).

I am reading Twyla Tharp's book, and have promised myself that I will do the exercises.

In the first chapter, these including

a. "finding your pencil"... find that one creative "kick in the butt" hat you won't leave home without. I've decided this will be my digital camera. It's going from hanging on my studio door to hanging around my waist. Maybe I should break down and look into a camera phone?? (but I don't DO phone...)

b. list your fears;

c.Build up your tolerance for solitude... (active daydreaming).

And the real hard one:

Give a week. Do without some distractions for a week. Her first ones are: mirrors, background noise, clocks and newspapers. These are easy for me.

We only get the paper at home on the weekend; I rarely pay attention to clocks, and only look in a mirror to part my hair. The background noise will be harder. She actually said "background music".. but I only have that going in my car. So I'm taking the broader step of only having the TV on at home when I'm actually watching it. (in truth, I use TV as my clock... know what time it is by what's on the screen).

So how is this gonna hurt you at all, you're pondering??

The next step will be to give other distractions... those stongers pulls. Just for a week. So starting sometime soon, I will first limit my online time to one hour a day ... and try to give it up for a week.

Now, remember, I took my laptop on vacation so I could be online. I check email almost hourly, and check blogs as I'm pouring my first cuppa. This will be like giving up smoking or drinking or coffee. I will be antsy and angst-riddled and counting the minutes in the week. But I am going to give it a shot.

So when my posts are short or non-existent for a few days... you have been warned.
If you are used to seeing comments from me on your blog, and you don't... you have informed.

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