Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday decorating blues...

I've heard from lots friends who are not in the holiday spirit... or hate all the time they have to spend on decorating. In trying to write to one, I HAD A BRAINSTORM. And I'm going to suggest to several of you FOR NEXT YEAR.

Ya know the TLC program TRADING SPACES?? A couple years ago it seemed to be family "appointment viewing" on Saturday nights. Now, granted the excitement has waned... but here's my suggestion:

Get your best friend... or maybe your KID'S best friend... and do Holiday Decorating Trading Spaces.

Arrange to meet at a neutral spot (Denny's or IHOP or the like) early on a Saturday morning. Both families. You have already purchased a tree and placed it in your house. You have set out whatever ornaments and decorations you own, but that's it. Maybe each family has $25 dollars to put toward decorating however THEY want to decorate the other family's house.

After breakfast, you trade housekeys and go. If the decorating family decides that they want you to have all white lights... so be it. If they decide that you need a train running under the tree... they put it there. And you keep it for that year. Imagine how fresh eyes will see your decorations...

Wreaths at the door, towels in the bathroom... themed or unthemed tree... tree in every room... whatever.

Mid to late afternoon you all meet again at the same place. Then out to the "great reveal". No host to surprise you... the decorating family explains their vision of your holiday... and you explain your vision of thiers. can all smack me now.

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