Friday, December 02, 2005

Another project done and Crazy Aunt Purl

When I went to Artist's And Craftman's Supply the other day, I found 2 nice journals about the right size for one of the pieces I made at AQT. Came home and stitched this up Thursday. Now who needs a holiday present???

Here is the front:

And Here is the back (with more accurate colors)

And thanks to DebR, I have my monthly horrorscope from Crazy Aunt Purl. (oh, wait.. I was going to keep last month's horrorscope forever!!) She's right, I used to resist change. However, I had an epiphany back in '93 I think (the summer that the Mississippi River flooded), and I have embraced change pretty well since then. Today I even typed '06 without thinking about it!!

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)
Ends - Beginnings - the stink of CHANGE. I loathe it. And since you're a Cancer, I know you loathe it, too. Just when you thought you had a grasp on 2005, you're a month from 2006! This makes you crazy, upside-down and ass-over-teakettle. It isn't easy to embrace the coming year and make holidays cozy if you're exhausted from all the denial, and frustrated by hanging on to your comfort zone. My dad was right when he said, "The only thing you can count on is change." Embracing this concept is a radical about-face for Crabs, but I guarantee you once you have fully accepted change as a natural condition, it will transform your whole outlook. Let's go have a nice glass of spiked cider and sit in a cozy room and wear something warm and then, when we feel ok, we'll all try to look forward to a new year of ass-over-teakettle. The good news is: We may actually see a few nice asses.

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