Saturday, December 24, 2005

Such a Quiet time of year...

I'll tell ya, I know when to pick a week to limit my computer time. (how's that coming, Deb?? Limited, but not down to the 1 hour/day goal...).

With Xmas and Channukah starting on a weekend, everyone is busy doing other things and there is nothing happening online. I'd have trouble spending lots of time online if I wanted to!! Thank you all for helping me with my project.

I am being a bit more successful with turning off the tv when I'm only using it as background noise. (again, not completely successful, but better...).

We spent yesterday doing some work around the house (i now have curtains in the dining room... picture to follow when I get them hemmed). This morning was dry and warm enough that we took the dogs for a nice long walk around the neighborhood (2.5+ miles). And I'm working on finishing up small quilty projects from this year. All the time complaining about the really crappy football games we get in the bay area (both the 49s and raiders stink... and it means we do not see the big game this week...). When Steve retires and we move from here... hopefully we move somewhere with the potential for good games.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy... we'll try to get a walk in. Later in the afternoon we head over to my friend Jeanne's house for dinner. (I'm bringing the pumpkin pies. I make really good pumpkin pies).

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