Monday, December 12, 2005

Lazy Sunday...

This slight head cold woke me up in the middle of the night... no breathe through my nose. Stumble downstairs for some coldpills (my next house WILL BE A RANCH). And when I fell back asleep, I slept until almost 8 am.!! A good hour or two later than normal.

Spent the morning just doing life maintainence stuff. After lunch we rounded up the dogs and went to Martinez for a walk (and an errand that precipitated the trip there). They have a nice waterfront park; however, most of the trails are labelled NO DOGS (not even onleash). So we walked where we were allowed instead of the cool marsh spots I had planned on visiting. The dogs didn't care... they were sniffing the whole way.

Home for a nap.

Later this afternoon I started machine quilting the flannel lapquilt I stitched up for Steve at Thanksgiving.

Goals for this week:

Finish painting up the piece for "changing perspectives" and begin stitching it.

work on my Katie P-M exercise.

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