Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EggCiting Eggcersize #2

I rearranged yesterday piece to make the connected edge nicer. Now it looks like an interesting necklace.

Today's exercise is with a small piece of fake batik in turquoise, purple and black. I was thinking about the egg this morning, and wondered what would happen in a controlled cutting situation.

So across the egg I sliced it at 1/2" intervals, then spaced it out at 1/4" intervals. It stops looking like an egg and starts to look circular. I'm sure I could eggz-aggerate this more with a change in spacing, but I've got grocery shopping to do before the next deluge rolls in.

I also need to pick up 6 boxes of fabric from a friend who is cleaning out her house!! This will be donated to charity, and since I have the stationwagon, it's my pleasure to help!!

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