Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Color and Composition exercises

Ok, so this week we had to do 3 drawings: a blind contour drawing; a semi-blind contour drawing; and a looking-at-it drawing. It was supposed to be a still life of 3 fruits.

I showed the initial arrangement earlier this week. I eventually rearranged the fruits a bit, but this was the first blind drawing from the original drawing. My shadows look like twinkies sticking in the composition... but atleast I can kind of tell it's still life.

This is the secondt drawing for my second arrangement. I moved the orange segment over to the right, and the pom to the right turned so I see the skin instead of the seeds. Kept the mango in the back. Ofcourse, you can't tell it's a mango from this drawing.

I can't find my first drawing of this composition.

Here's the final drawing in the series. Now you can tell that it's a mango!! Still didn't spend more than 15 minutes on this and that includes the shading.

My eye just moves too quickly for my hand to move slower.

Next week we have to cut this arrangment out of fabric using our scissors like a pencil. Should be lots of fun!!

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