Sunday, December 18, 2005

Color and Composition, part two

This week's exercises were to continue playing with the still life arrangement that we used for part one exercises. And here I have to make a confession.

I ate the mangoes. So I cut my mangoes from a photograph not real life. And it shows.

We were supposed to set up our still life again, and this time approach it with fabric. Instead of following the edges of the pieces with a pencil, we were to grab appropriate fabrics and use our scissors like a pencil. (and here I'm wondering how different it would be if used a small rotary cuttter on a flat surface instead of holding fabric in our hands. I may give that a try... someone alert the ER to stand by.) edit: I hated cutting these with scissors. I kept trying to figure out my orientation between the fruit (unmoving) and the rotating edge in my hand. That's why I think I'd like to try with a rotary cutter like a pencil.

Anyway, we layered two pieces of fabric and cut once. (well, except that I seemed to have folded a couple of pieces and cut those out backwards. Does it matter?? I think not looking at my results.).

Then on a gray background we arranged these cut out pieces.

First to resemble the real still life:
The second composition was to simply take the pieces that we cut out and arrange them in one of the 9 compositional arrangements. I chose diagonal for these pieces:
The third exercise will be to continue with the contour drawings, this time using our sewing machine instead of a pencil. I'm gonna wait until it stops raining enough that I can go buy another mango. Probably Monday...So stay tuned.

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