Thursday, May 25, 2006

Atleast I had a jacket this time.

My plans for today were fairly simple: do some long-weekend grocery shopping, take the dogs for a swim, do some pre-holiday cleaning while I mused on the postcards I'm working on. (I'm not happy with them).

I had thought I'd merely point you back to this post from last summer as the reference.

Plans change.

Three years ago while at Point Pinole, Katy blew out her left rear knee. Labs and lab mixes are prone to cruciate ligament tears. And once they blow one knee there is a 50% chance that they'll blow the other.

Yep, today while swimming in the same park, Katy blew out her right cruciate ligament.

Last time we had to walk the 2 miles back to the car alone. There was nobody in park at all. I took off my shirt and used it as a sling, walking through the park in my bra.

Atleast today I had a jacket with me. And better luck. As we passed the park equipment yard and office, I noticed there were people in there eating lunch. They called a van to drive us to the parking lot and carried Katy from the van to my car.

I drove straight to the vet's where without x-rays he could make a pretty good diagnosis of a blown knee.

We have our appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday. She'll come home on Thursday and I'll begin the six week rehab with her.

Oh joy.

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