Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ok.. So Wednesday!! Plus Pictures

Silly me, I considered that being in a large hotel (hotel/conference center) complex, that it might be likely to find affordable internet connection without walking all over Calgary!! Our hotel is charging $18/day for internet+long distance. Just want internet? Still $18.

So it took until today to find a good spot. Fortunately, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce has free wifi, though they do request that you buy a cuppa coffee. So for $1.50 I am back online. This part of the trip has been less fun than the first part... nothing bad, but nothing quite exciting either. As promised: photos from the weekend, all Lake Louise and surroundings.

The Fairmount Lodge at Lake Louise.

Lake Louise. The view of the glaciers (there are six up there) from near the lodge.

On our way back to our room, we took a sideroad (1A that parallels the freeway. Saw lots of wildlife, including these Mountain Goats crossing the road to get a drink of water in the stream.

We decided to pick up a lunch at Lake Louise, and picnic on the way back. I'd told you that already. Here is the photographic proof.

Not very accomodating, but quite a scenic lunch:

Additional evidence:

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