Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My car fixed. It took three hours to check out the sensors, see that there was no problem, reset everything and get me back on the road. Fortunately, it's all covered by the warrenty.

After a lengthy talk with the other guy in the waiting room, I excused myself to sit in the sun and read my book; I finished it 15 minutes before they finished my car. I recommend it if you like biographies about fearless women who love food. And, yes, Karoda this book has recipes mixed in with the story.

It is TENDER AT THE BONE, by Ruth Reichl. The first of three or four autobiographies she has written. She is the restaurant critic for the NY Times.

I'm trying to understand why this year I seem to be drawn to books about women who travel or move and love food. With short breaks, I've read: Linda Ellerbee's Take Big Bites, Frances May's Under the Tuscan Sun and this book. When I get home, I'll go to the library and pick up her second book.

I love the travelling stories as much or more than the food stories. Maybe I'm living vicariously through these women. Anyone want to take up the psycho-analysis of this reading, step right up.

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