Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More for Wednesday...

Since I'm online...

This afternoon I'm going to the Calgary Zoo. It's supposed to be a very good zoo, and I always try to visit the zoo when I'm in a new town.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to a museum... part natural history, part history, part art. Then we are heading home. So I'm already starting to switch over to "home" mode of thinking. My list of things to do on Friday is at 8 and growing... And I think Steve just added another item or two to the list, though I don't recall what they are.

So look for the next post this weekend. I did some work on a hand piece that I started over a year ago, misplaced for a while, forget what my original thoughts were so I'm approaching it a bit anew. It got highly positive comments from the other "guests" on the tourbus yesterday... and it's maybe only 1/3 done. Photo this weekend (I think this will be entered in the Small Works competition at Chicago next winter).

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