Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm working on knitting my first thing that isn't a pair of socks. (what an ugly sentence!) It's a pale yellow cotton knit tank top. Or it will be if I ever get further along than 3".

I cast on and started working on it while I travelling. Including while in a cramped center seat on the flight home. When I got home, it was 15 stitches wider than when I started. Rip.

Cast on again last Thursday and worked on it while watching TV. Finally yesterday it was long enough to check the size and make sure that it's going to fit OK.


The gauge when I swatched it was the same as the pattern: 5 stitches/inch. When I finally checked the piece last night? Gauge had become 4 stitches/ inch. So my top was about 8" too wide!

Rip again.

Start all over again.

Connect the cast-on stitches to make a tube.. and they twist. Rip out and start again. Think maybe I should rib the first couple rows. The caston stitches twist and become completely unable for me to discern what's a stitch and what isn't. Rip out and start again. I'm getting to hate this.

This is a very easy pattern; but I'm now going to have to pay attention and make changes along the way to adjust to the new gauge. At this rate, I'll nice light cotton tank to wear at the winter holidays.

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