Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thank you all

for your kind words to Katy. We are working toward a new (temporary) routine.

I have Katy set up in a pen in the family room. She has a water bowl, a blankie and a couple toys (that she's ignored so far). She lies on her blanket and watches the world go by most of the day. When she needs to go out, she gets up and stands where the pen opens. Quietly. Waiting.

Got to tell you.. remember she's blown a back knee. Watching her piddle and poop without squatting is an interesting experiment in adaptive movement.

Each day she gets a hour or so to go sit outside in the sun. She seems to like it. I'm really lucky that she's not a high activity lab.

I really liked Del's take on the situation: I'd get lots of work done! (she's probably right).

Today I took Jake to the dog park for a nice long ball-chase. He got to hang with other dogs and chase tennis balls like a fiend. So he's not feeling "left out" to the invalid.

We're spending most of the weekend doing some cleaning/gardening work. Nothing exciting. And I've got real plans to start a new large-ish quilt this week. So maybe Del's right... I'll have plenty of time to get some work done.

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