Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Homeward Bound...

No, not me! Katy had her surgery yesterday afternoon and will be asked if she's like to come home this morning.

She totally tore her cruciate ligament, but there was no additional damage (they suspected that she also tore a miniscus. Thankfully, no.). In dogs, the angle between the two bones in the knee is quite severe (like 60 degrees). They repair the knee by cutting the bone and leveling the angle. It's called a Tibular Plateau Leveling Something-That-Begins-With-An "O". Now there is a small chance that she will have a complication: 10% of dogs have the bone just below the knee break while they are healing. This happened to Katy with her other knee. I'm hoping that the surgeon did whatever he could to support that portion of her leg and keep this complication from happening. (yes, it means a second operation).

Thank goodness we didn't book our hoped-for cruise through the Canal this year. Our vacation money has gone into our dog's knee.

So after I pick her up and settle her into her pen, I will be whacking up my squares.

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