Thursday, June 01, 2006

Work of the day...

While cleaning my studio (trying to find my bottle of discharge paste), watching the National Spelling Bee on ESPN, I will take a turn at blogtipping.

If you feel the Spirit of Blogtipping stirring your soul, join us on June 1st by sneaking up on a few blogs and offering them three compliments and one thoughtful suggestion each. (Or adapt according to your own preferences.)

WARNING TO ALL BLOGGERS: Look out for blogtippers. They know where you blog and they're comin' a-tippin' your way!

If you are a blogtipper, I thank you for showing your fellow blogger some love and sharing a bit of advice. Do this sincerely and you'll emerge a better blogger - yes, maybe even a nicer person - for having done so. And you'll make some blogger's day in the process. Feel free to blogtip at any time, and always remember that the first day of each month is a special Blogtipping Day!

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