Monday, June 05, 2006

Time Off

I took the weekend off to start recharging. Off from the internet or many other activities. I napped, I read, I worked in the garden. I watched tennis and baseball on TV. I did lots of Sudoku puzzles.

Last night I finally slept for more than 4 hours... so I think the time off was valuable. I'm still cutting back on things for a few days, so probably won't be too chatty.

But what am I doing creatively?

I think I'm done with the beading on the Green Mars, and will be working out the edging. I will be couching yarn or string there, then adding stitching and beads. Think I'll put a sleeve on first.

And Gerrie made me a couple screens for my t-shirts. Today I'll play with how to screen print with them!! Stay tuned for photos.

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