Monday, June 12, 2006

Wednesday's Wondering

OK, how did I not blog yesterday? It felt like I lived online.. even though I got 11,000+ steps in!!

Remarkably, this leads to my daily little take on Twyla's book: Perfectionism, Procrastination and Planning.

Yep. I've hit my weak spots. I tend to think about a project for a very long time... it can be months with an idea rolling around in my head.

Now if I actually journalled it, making notes and sketches and reasons for changing and altering a step, I might learn something from it. Might have a place to return to when I want to continue in a series making something different. Might actually have to do some work.

And it's not like when I get down to the work I'm all that much of a perfectionist. But I can procrastinate about a project by thinking that I don't have the steps planned out. I don't have the concept perfected.

I need to just get in there and work. Let the plan and project from something...And there isn't any "quick fix" for this except to walk myself into my studio and get working.

So, where do you fall in the perfectionism/planning/procrastinating play?

For my Moment Of Sunset... this was taken last Wednesday. Fog was sliding in gently softening the light and turning everything peachy/purply. Isn't it pretty, in a soft, dreamy sort of way?

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