Monday, June 26, 2006

Tuesday's To Dos

A moment of sunset from June 21st. This is about as far right as the sun sets; by winter it's so far to the left of this photo (south) that I don't actually see where it drops below the horizon.

I actually did some sewing Monday, though nothing artistic. I tried to refashion an older pair of jeans shorts from a "normal" waist to a lower rise pair. Note to the world: doing so is not easy. I would have had to cut down the yolk (is it a yolk?) by the small of the back, and move the pockets. And those thick seams? Broke 2 jeans needles just is trying to machine baste things to fit it. Oh well!

I haven't done any successful creative sewing in so long that a part of me is wondering if I should call it quits. However, I'd thought/said at some point every year for the last 3 or 4? So am I just in a rhythmic fallow period... or am I over it? Is this the reason for my all-over-the-place attention span? Am I searching for my next excitement fix?

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