Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reading materials

I've gone back to re read Twyla Tharp's book. I read it the first time at the winter holiday season, when I first got it. I devoured the text but didn't work much at the exercises. I wanted the spouser to read it while he was off work. Her work ethic and his are quite similar; I thought the book might be a good resource for him.

He read it, liked it, and took it to work with him when he returned in January. I believe he's been passing it around for people who might need a little help with tackling research. I hadn't really planned on that happening; I figured it was that important he could request a copy be placed in the research library.

So I asked for the book back and finally got it a couple weeks ago. This time I'll work through most of the exercises.

I truly recommend this book for people who are having trouble figuring out a work habit and think it might be a worthwhile present for any new grads just entering the workforce.

What else am I doing? I have a possible plan for finishing Green Mars. I have to work it up and see it in place before I know if I like it. And those 9 squares.. are quickly on thier way to becoming something else.

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