Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday's soliloquy

From DebR.:
The ABCs of Me Meme

Accent: Midwestern, Great Lakes. So I say "pop". though some have heard "Chicago"...

Booze: Beer. Ale. The darker the better. And the rare straight up shot of Irish whiskey.

Chores I hate: Cleaning the bathroom and picking up dog poop.

Dog/cat: Dog. Don't get cats at all.

Essential Electronics: Laptop, microwave, TV, Tivo, Sewing machine, lamps with 250W bulbs.

Favorite perfume: Clothes dried on the line outside.

Gold/silver: Both. But I don't wear jewelry.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio. And, yes Cleveland DOES Rock.

Insomnia: Unfortunately, yes. Kind of. I seldom have trouble falling asleep, but I wake up way too early.

Job Title: The TechnoMage.

Kids: No Thanks.

Living Arrangements: Share a too-large with the spouse and 2 dogs.

Most admirable trait: I don't know the term. I can keep track of who has an interest in what, and actually call/write/inform a friend of something they would be interested in. It's not just being considerate... what is it (besides "cruise director")?

Number of countries visited: If you count just stopping in the airports? 6. If I had to actually see the country.. 4 (USA, Mexico, Canada and Singapore.)

Overnight Hospital Stays: When I was born.

Phobias: Deep water with no life preserver.

Quote: "Always cut the cards. It can't hurt and it might help." Lazarus Long.

Religion: Again, pass. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Unitarian... but why?

Siblings: Three. Older brother, Michael. Younger brothers, Mark and Kevin.

Time you wake up: Should be 7am. Too often recently it's more like 5:30 am.

Unusual talent: I can read upside down and backwards.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lima beans. White potatoes are a close second.

Worst Habit: I bite my fingernails.

Xrays: Yes. Head, shoulder, hand, back, knee, ankle, ankle, knee, elbow, neck. Plus MRIs. And ofcourse teeth every year. Jeez, you think I'm a little clutzy??

Yummy food I make: BBQ. Thai peanut sauce.

Zodiac: Cancer the crab. Get those birthday greetings warmed up!!

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