Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday's Monologue

Last week I received two silk screen that Gerrie made for me!! It's great having talented friends!

After playing on scraps for a while, I bit the bullet and screen two of the "trial" summer shirts I dyed a couple weeks ago.

I'm thinking I'll be wearing to BlogHer next month.

Here the tank is shot so you can actually read it! The font is called Matisse... isn't it perfect? The dyed shirt reminds me of Monet's garden paintings.

Do you think anyone would like to buy these? Because they are Dharma blanks, I can make them almost style and size.

I'm thinking that the tank and basic tshirts should be $20. The "nicer feminine tshirts" would be $25, because the blanks are just more expensive.

The other screen and the basic tshirt. I am not going to get into the discussion of art vs. craft. I can't tell if I screened this crooked or I'm crooked.

This one is in a font called "batik". Good for me!!

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