Friday, June 23, 2006

Yearning to Learn

First, a moment of garden. I was walking in the yard yesterday and was struck by the limey-yellow green and the rosy pink on the opening hydrangea blossom. A color scheme I haven't used that I will need to me remember.

The QuiltArt mailing list has been yammering about learning styles and Arlee Barr took a test to determine hers. Ofcourse, I followed suit.

First I took the test giving only answer to each question. In that try, I am a strong Kinesthetic learner. No surprise to me there.

But more interesting, I went back and retook it giving multiple answers when appropriate. That turned me into a multi-modal learner with a strong read/write leaning!! Kinesthetic came in second.

I love this line at the bottom of the "Read/write" help sheet:

You like this page because the emphasis is on words and lists.
You believe the meanings are within the words, so any talk is OK but this handout is better.
You are heading for the library.

And from Kinesthetic help sheet:

You want to experience the exam so that you can understand it.
The ideas on this page are only valuable if they sound practical, real, and relevant to you.
You need to do things to understand.

Both sound so much like me!! So what is your learning style?

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