Friday, June 30, 2006

No Work Today

First, our neighborhood walk photo. Many of the yards in our neighborhood tell something about the nationality of the home's owner. This one doesn't. It's a nice fairly traditional entryway. But I'd envy them the nice glass door. Ofcourse ours would be covered with dog snot... so maybe I don't envy them too much!

I am officially taking today off to celebrate my birthday. I've got a free meal waiting at a cafe in a nearby town so we're heading there for lunch.

Then off for our traditional "birthday-summer blockbuster" movie. I chose Superman Returns. (and what does it say that when I decided to look for a link, my first choice was what they are saying over at Pajiba?). Home to walk the dogs, then hang out maybe watching some baseball. (I cannot wait for the summer tv season to begin. Atleast one more week!!)

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tomorrow.. when I talk about the sex of some vegetable blossoms.

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