Monday, June 19, 2006

The Land of the Lost...

Reading Diane's blog about lost things got me thinking. Like Diane's corningware teapot.. there are things, I'm sure, that each of us knew was somewhere then it was gone.

This happened all the time to me when I was kid. I think I bought 4 Brownie beanies because they stayed where I put them. Since moving out on my own, the two great confabulations have been my high school class ring (lost in my first apartment.. how? did the rats take it?) and the bill for the new roof on our house.

Losing that invoice happened so early in our relationship, that it's become the running joke line. Anything in the last 23 years that's disappeared is "with the bill for the roof."

Personally, I think all these things are sucked into a great mystery place, much like a giant museum. Then randomly displayed for the enjoyment and entertainment of the museum's attendees. (think something like the picture above from the Mystery Case File games where you search for odd items in a diarama). Hmm.. I even think I saw Diane's teapot in one of these scenarios!

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