Friday, June 09, 2006

Saturday's Spout...

Example of my 5 things to do list for today:
1. Take Jake for a walk.
2. Get the bottom part of the path ready up to the weedblock. (maybe get the sand base down?)

3. Write article for BlogHer.
4. Cut up trees blocks and piece back together.
5. Bake streudel.

Question du jour from The Creative Habit...

Names. Although my name is my name.. I'm not sure that it defines it. If I could change it to anything, though.. I'm not sure what I would change it to. As a child, my family knickname was Gretchen... and I'd be tempted to adopt that. There is something about it that feels right and familiar. Gretchen means "little pearl" does that improve my outlook any. Probably not. Debra means "the bee".. with all the meanings of fertility and industriousness. Except for me at the moment it's more about the flitting habit.

Does your name match your image of yourself? If you could choose a name for yourself, what meaning would you want attached to it?

Twyla wrote in part that parents choose names for thier children that have some kind of power and substance to them. Names from history (world or personal) of people with strength and fortitude, a sense of humor or charm. With so many of the younger generations choosing names based solely upon "how it sounds" and "making it unique".. I wonder if that's part of the lack of substance in their kids? Does having a name with no historical power in it weaken the child?

I'm not saying this well. I'll think about this while I'm working today and see if I can write a better discussion later.

And now, the moment of Sunset. This is from Thursday evening. The fog moved in, making the sunset all soft and blurry. And peachy.

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