Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sucking Bilge Water

The semi-secret project I've working on?? sucks. hugely sucks. Sucks bilge water.


Well, the way I was working it, it sucks... but the two parts separately have possibilities.

(huh???? you are cornfuzed and strangely curious at the same time).

I was being too clever. Much too clever. The idea was to start with 9 squares that represent parts of the landscape: the sky, the hills, the grass. (yeah, I showed you these 9, but I changed a few of them). Over this would go the sillouette of a tree. And this might be nice just the way I described it. Next time I'm painting a base for a piece I can do this.

But I wanted to be "oh so clever" I cut each square into 9 squares.. and them rearranged them all like a Sudoku puzzle. So clever! And doing with other fabrics would make a very nice quilt. Fast and easy. I'm going to have to do this again. And I hear my friend Del wants to do this with quilts for her guest room. Or use it as a piecing idea for a very neutral background. But not this one. Not these squares.

Then... like whacking up the background wasn't enough... I whacked up the silloutte piece too, mapping out where it should lay on the puzzle grid.. and placed the pieces back on their "home squares" (yeah, my original plan was to over lay everything first, then cut. but the seams? Not so pretty! I atleast rethought that).

And the irregularly placed tree silloutte pieces on the puzzle background? It just looks confused and muddled and not at all what was in head. I was trying to be so clever and I forced it. Lesson learned.

Fortunately, it's not all sewn together. So I will be starting from point B to rework this. Hmm.. maybe I should pull out the paints and paint that background...

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