Friday, May 12, 2006

What I did on my Spring Vacation besides eat.

GREEN MARS in progress

This is Green Mars (in progress)
I started this a couple years ago, misplaced it, just found it and worked on it while we were travelling. It's only about 10" square). I've decided that before I continue with the beading, I need to cover most of the surface with embroidery (very freeform). That's what I'm working on now. When the stitching is done, I'll go back in with beads.

This is part of a series of pieces based upon Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars series. In Green Mars he spends a couple pages describing the first lichen/mosses seen growing on the planet. That's was this piece is supposed to represent. No it is not supposed to be realistic.


Even with the closeup feature turned on, I can't quite get a superclear closeup picture. Sorry.

I think the fabric is dyed then painted. There are bullion "flowers", french knots, feather stitch, cross stitch, couching and beads. Much of the beading is "braided" or repeats similar stitches to the embroidery.


Another detail shot. On the plane last night, I just stared at this for about an hour thinking about how it will look when finished.

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