Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot and Getting Hotter

It's 6:30 pm on Sunday; 92 degrees in the house and about 100 outside. I've been warned that it might take up to 3 weeks to get the AC fixed and the weather prediction is for hot weather for atleast the next week.

One important thing, here: the computer doesn't like being hot. At the moment it's sitting on an ice pack (nicely cooling my thighs). But I'm going to be using this in very short spurts until I get this whole thing dealt with.

I am being "cooled" by $30 Holmes stand fan (which atleast kinda moves the air) and icepacks. Katy lets me drape frozen bath towels over her to cool her off, but Jake is having none of that. Last night I pulled my recliner out on the deck and actually got about 3 hours sleep. I'll probably do the same thing tonight.

So think cool thoughts and send them my way. And if you know an HVAC repair man in Northern California who owes you a favor... please send him/her my way.

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