Monday, July 03, 2006

One goal for this week.

I've been a very bad refashionista... not accomplishing much last month. So I'm trying again, by stating a specific goal for each week. Let's see if this gives me the focus I need to accomplish something.

Anyway, one of my goals when I signed up for this was to actually make some of the clothing for which I've already purchased fabric. Among this stash are two lengths of gorgeous border prints silk that I purchased in Singapore (4 years ago?? longer??). Last year (year before?) I paid for a workshop with a guild member who runs classes on sewing clothing. I brought in the simplicity pattern, and we fitted the pattern to me... adjusting for my total lack of shoulders and D cup bust. But I haven't taken the muslin created in that class and actually sewn anything with it.

This week I will. I needed dogfood this morning, and JoAnne's is next door. I decided to take on my fear of cutting (ruining) my fine imported stuff, by working out the pattern with local cheaper fabric. The pattern is sitting with my find of the day. Two yards of this (unfortunately polyester.. but similar weight and slipperiness to the silk) nice brown/red/black print for...

wait for it...

$3.50. Total. (from the marked down shelf where everything is an additional 66% off for the holiday!)

I could completely screw up the construction and not mind the loss!

So this week I will cut and construct a top (view A: clean neckline, short sleeves, no frills) from this.

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