Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peeking at the Process

Ya'll know I write about art/craft and gardening for BlogHer. Today I shared a little bit of the process in my post. And I decided I'd share it here, too.

I subscribe to BlogLines.. and most of my subscription list is in the left hand column. However, when you subscribe (if ya don't know..) you get "subscription" webpage that shows not only all the blogs, but all the ones that are recently updated. You can even read the blogposts on that page. A couple times a day I check through the blogs (maybe in one or two categories) then move on.

At least a couple times a week, I'll be reading through my feeds and something will make me say: COOL!! It might be a turn of phrase in a post, a photo or an insightful comment. I instantly jot a little note in Performancing; if I'm still thinking "cool" the next day or two, and I think it will play to a slightly wider audience, I publish it there. That's my gut editorial policy: make me go "Cool!" and you're in. Admittedly, most of my cools don't get published; it's that wider audience that usually does them in.

This week, I thought I'd pick one category and just keep track of the cool things I found during the week and share the process:

Statistics: 327 posts read in category.
Ideas organized for future posts ("crossing over crafts"/ snarky-craft/ challenges/ group blogs/is craft uncool): 2.

Cool Things:

ArtFabrik's Laura showed a gorgeous silk quilt.

Brenda Smith wrote about an interesting challenge: Refabricating Difference which is open to Australian artists.

Deb Lacativa posted some real fiber stuff!!

My gal Gerrie posted photos of her newest Tropical Fish quilt.

Cramzy posted a fabric journal to carry ATCs for trading.

Mrs. Mel explains why Channeling Nancy Crow is OK while her sister guest-blogged that her sister is a genius.

Sharon B. is continuing with her 100 days/100 stitches, has added a step challenge and organized her workspace. (this last... color me green...)

Elle, the Sew Chick, played tourist in her hometown.. and visited the Textile Museum in DC.

Finally, Sarah wrote an indepth review of Interaction of Color.

Edited from the post at BlogHer

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where yesterday I posted my Meez-portrait.

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