Friday, July 28, 2006

Lunchtime at BlogHer

Lunch at BlogHer. I had a nice tossed salad, some cherry tomatoes (they were fabulous!!) another cuppa coffee and a slice of pecan pie!! Who serves pecan pie at a conference?? I'm am not complaining.

I've re-met several bloghers, gotten to speak with several of the other CEs and had one workshop session. The most useful part of that will be an upcoming post on how to make your blogs or website more accessble for those with disabilities.

Maybe later today.

This afternoon is the big deal geeky stuff.

For what it looks like, check out the Flickr group.

If you are interested in what the news is saying, I'm including a couple of the links. A note about the headlines: The San Jose Grand Prix is also running this weekend.. so the print media is trying to tie the two events together.

San Jose Mercury News put us front page along with the race.

SFGate reported about the huge increase in size of the conference (from about 300 last year to 750 this year on Saturday) and pointed out the level of our speakers.

What the heck, Marian Richmond wrote a fine review of the news stories for BlogHer.

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where eventually I'll be writing about some the plug ins and websites.

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